Welcome to Paleo Power Couple!

Nourishing you with real food recipes and empowering you with natural solutions for your wellbeing!

We are Matt and Nat! A husband and wife transforming our lives through a natural way of living. We’re here because we have experienced amazing health benefits from eating real food and going low tox and we want to help you do the same!

We want to help you open up to a new way of living. A way of being deeply connected to your true self, free of toxicity and fear based thinking. We want to help you choose love and trust.

We do this by sharing delicious real food recipes, inspiring you to shift your mindset, and to teach you about a holistic, connected way of living through the use of essential oils.

We are on a mission to show the world that healthy food does not have to be boring and to get Essential Oils into every home! To show you what we mean, we've created a free ebook filled with 11 delicious and healthy recipes - all inspired by the classics. We're calling it - Your favourite foods Paleofied!

Essential Oils

We regularly run events online and in person to show you how about affordable natural solutions that will bring stronger physical and emotional wellbeing to your life and support a chemical free life!

The Essential Oils we'll be discussing in these events represent the safest and purest essential oils available today. We will be chatting all things Natural Solutions and how you can use these bottle of plant magic for You and Your Home. 

Common things the oils can support: anxiety, stress, energy, colds, inflammation, allergies, concentration, sleep, digestion, asthma, skin and SO much more!

Learn how to create happy and healthier bodies and minds and discover how essential oils can support you in leading a natural and holistic life!

Real Food Recipes

    Our food is designed to nourish your body with real ingredients which are full of goodness! We stay away from processed foods, sugar, gluten, grains and dairy.